Saturday, April 29, 2006

Finally! The long waited IELTS has been performed! And Rata Blanca afterwards!

That´s it.
After a whole month of arriving late and having to pay a painful fee of FIFTY bucks, I came to Quito at time, went right to the Sheraton Hotel and made the IETLS exam. Phew... I feel soooo damn relieved. The first part was listening. This was difficult, specially the first part. Damn! I lost track of the dialogue some times and simply coulnd´t find the right answer.
Next, the reading exam. Not precisely piece of cake, but I could take it easier. The last part was the written exam. Composing some blah blah about one or two topics. I tried not to make the same mistakes I made in pre-test like using abreviations (can´t, doesn´t and so on..)
Well, I have to highlight the snack factor, some salt and sweet pastry (yum! those crab-filled quiche!) and I tried to gulp every one I could (the heck with manners). After all that pain for my lefty hand, I went to Key language´s building to the last step: The speaking exam.
Were only 15 minutes or less, and I have to confess I crapped it some times, like bad pronuntiation, unadequate use of words and things like that. I have to practice my mouth more...
But I did my best effort and I hope I don´t have to repeat the exam again.
Well, time to take my bags on, move to the hotel and take a little rest. Because , in the trip to Quito I have received a astounding notice. RATA BLANCA IN CONCERT TODAY!!!
I will go today and tomorrow I´ll write a report about that.
So.. Slayer and So-Princess, wait for me there!!!

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Slayer said...

Sorry buddy, I couldn't be at Rata Blanca's gig.

So I think maybe next time we can meet in another "headbanger's trial" but I don't know what will be the next band who arrives at this country.

Slam harder as mad as U can and greetings Doc!!!