Monday, February 25, 2008

Between friends

Got no big plans for tonight.

But here I was, drenched in rain after waiting for a response from that fool friend of mine that invited me to attend to a black metal concert. A very nice place, very nice music, and good company. All that I got was wet clothes, cold and disappointment. But I got back to my favorite bar. To see again the huge ( `n I mean HUGE ) waitress` tits that made me wish more than a time squish them in my hugry hands.

But I started to chat with a foreign new friend instead. A white, Caucasian young man. Thomas. From Finland. Met him some days ago when poured a hell of a rain and I commented him about the cold rain. He nodded, said something related about the cold in Finland, and after 15 minutes of chat, we shared names and shook hands.
The same ol` Thomas who told me one hour ago that the reason to visit Ecuador was to pick up his beloved girlfriend. And that same beloved girlfriend dumped and cheated on him with some native in the coastline. Friends again, she muttered to him. No fucking way, he shouted. As he described me his misery, I compared that to mine, not so dramatical but intense and true also. (That God damn neo-geek!!)

At the same time, my great pal Dreamcatcher came to hang around. Gave Thomas a warm welcome. Beer came in and flowed like a river. D.C. was quite drunk by the moment, but everyone had a ball in that moment. We got bored of the place and started to search a good place to chat and sip the good booze.

Most of places threw us out after seeing the “sober” face of D.C.
We finally tried a spot, made famous in a previous visit, and started to play pool. The guy is getting into our mood, said D.C. We shoulda invit him to your party this 8th. I agreed. Two sets and bad news came. The fucking and cursed regueton. Need another reason to hate this so-called music? Ok, while we were forcéd to listen that crap, our senses bécame dull after hearing the “racatraca, racatraca” bullshit. We finished the last pool as soon as we could and went to another place.

The heavy drunk face of D.C. betrayed him again and disco staff didn´t hesistate to throw him out. Gotta get a cab, he said and got lost in the sea of fog.

Now just Thomas and me were standing in the group of a “alternative bar”. We thought that refered only to music but no. Gay people were lurking everywhere. A gay bar. Fortunately, the gay only concentrated on themselves. Two cute girls, but shielded by four of five rainbow`s colors. Only after a while we could tell: Those people were thinking we were a gay couple! HOLY CRAP!! Ten bucks wasted… heck, no so wasted. Free bar till 3:00. Aguardiente started to flow, besides cuba libres and screwdrivers. Each one of us had enough booze to justify $10. After that, we got our asses outta there (seriously).

Fucking EMOs, some stuck-up bitches, annyoning children… Thomas and I finally stopped where we started. Shooter`s. Booze gave Thomas enough courage to share his pain with his latino friend. Listen, listen, listen. And my hand put in his shoulder. He was not alone. Had friends. His gf fooled, fucked big time, made him to waste lotta dough and dumped him in the worst way possible. No wonder the tears. The weak smile couldn`t fake the agony he was feeling now. But he threw all the shit away. He did.

That`s friends are for.


Atrapasueños said...

was a terrific night!!!

UMA said...

Ah! me mataste con el inglès, pero por la foto se los ve muy a gustito.
Un besote, Tofu-sensei

UMA said...

Feliz cumple?

Alice in Oz said...

Loco he sido un mal amigo, mea culpa profesor, mea culpa. Hubiera querido estar ahi el sábado pero tuve ese inconveniente médico que te conté, en serio pana lo siento, no te vayas a enojar. y este fin de semana para vernos y conversar y tomar las bielitas, suerte.